I've seen the general preference of many ladies over seamless brassieres or more popularly known as T-shirt bras. This may have stemmed from our fondness of cotton shirts. Admittedly, seamless bras maybe the most useful/flexible bra one could ever have. The T-shirt bra is designed with a mold cup and has no seam on the cup. Hence, it gives a natural round silhouette of the breasts.


However, our fashion sense has already evolved from the typical shirts to frilled tops. I see a lot of ladies looking more feminine wearing floral pieces,prints, embellished tops and layers of ruffles and lace. So, why not try lacy underwear as well? With the current designs of blouses, you wouldn't have to worry about having marks of lace bras in your outerwear.

Why wear lace underwear? Because it’s the perfect combination of femininity, comfort and function. Wacoal lace underwear are made of soft and high quality material that guarantees not only luxurious detail but highly functional support.


What’s also nice with having lace brassieres? They’re the perfect bras when you travel ;-) because you don’t have to worry about the cups getting deformed when you stack them in to your luggage ;-)